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Family & Friends


To our friends who have lost a loved one:

You know firsthand how difficult it is to make funeral arrangements. You know that anything that can be pre-planned helps remove a burden for the survivors. The trouble is, many people don’t appreciate the importance of pre-planning cemetery arrangements until it’s too late.

We at Rest Haven have seen many times how pre-planning can make things much simpler for the survivors. That’s why we’ve created the Family & Friends Plan. We will give $1,000.00 toward cemetery arrangements for your Family & Friends. All we need is your authorization.

You show your love to your family & friends in many ways. Now you have the opportunity to show them love, help them to address an inevitable issue, and help them save money.

How the Plan Works:
As a Property Owner who has made interment of loved ones in Rest Haven, you may direct us to credit $1,000.00 to your Family and Friends, toward their purchase of cemetery arrangements. Upon your direction, we will deliver a $200.00 credit certificate to five of your family members or friends. There is no catch. There are no strings attached. Whether your Family & Friends are interested in a single space, or full arrangements, they will receive the full credit off our official printed price list.

All we need are the names of the Family & Friends that you would like to help, and your written authorization to credit them.