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Rest Haven Memorial Gardens


Flower Regulations


We respectfully request that you adhere to the following decorating guidelines:

No planting or rooting of any kind.

During the mowing season, all decorations should be placed in the bronze flower vases built into memorials.

Grave blankets, wreaths, spiked cones and other non-vase decorations may be placed no earlier than two days prior to the following holidays:

 • Christmas
 • New Years Day
 • Mothers Day
 • Memorial Day
 • Fathers Day
 • July 4th
 • Labor Day
 • Veterans Day
 • Thanksgiving

Non-vase decorations will be removed five days following holidays that occur during the mowing season.

Above all, please refrain from using glass, wire, or nails as you decorate.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
We heartily encourage the decoration of graves. This is, after all, a cemetery. A place where loved ones who have gone before us are remembered and honored.

These reasonable regulations are made in the interest of all, in order that Rest Haven may be a place of beauty and a source of satisfaction to all whose interests are here.

We appreciate you!